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A Spring 2000
Parents' Choice Recommendation!

Compact Disc

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ISBN: 1-893967-02-6

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The Adventures of
Lana Ladybug in Europe
Scott May & Lynn Cagney

Follow the adventures of Lana Ladybug as she travels around the world. At each of her stops, Lana Ladybug learns a little history and folklore from the local residents as told in story and song.

Volume one in the Lana Ladybug series brings Lana to the beautiful and historically rich countries of Europe. This adventure is full of colorful people and stories.

A Spring 2000 Parents' Choice Recommendation
"It's easy listening, imparted with cherry narrative, tuneful pop-style songs, and a light touch."

School Library Journal
"These postcard-like snippets of song would be an excellent way for teachers to introduce geography or culture units."

1. Hello To You All
2. Full Steam Ahead
3. At the End of the Rainbow
4. Royal England
5. Play Miguel
6. Windmills
7. Bonjour Arnie
8. When In Rome
9. Raif from Dusseldorf
10. Jake Sie Mas
11. At the Top of the World
12. Ivan the Bear
13. Miss Athena's Boat
14. Going Home

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