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A Parents' Choice Gold Award
2 Time Parents' Choice Silver Honor

Amy Lowe is a multi award winning singer, songwriter, and storyteller. She has over 20 years experience as a performer in clubs, concert venues, theaters, festivals, coffeehouses, museums, historical societies, schools, libraries, galleries, pubs, and community centers throughout the world. She is a prolific songwriter with a recording career that dates back to 1980.

Performances include: Second City, The Taste of Chicago and The Chicago Historical Society, The Winnipeg Folk Festival- Canada, Las Vegas Storytelling Festival & Winchester Children’s Music Festival- Las Vegas- Nevada, Arizona Theater Works- Flagstaff , Maricopa County College tour- Arizona and a concert tour of Ecuador. Who’s Next- Paris, France.


2 Time AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards!!

Her songs have been heard on -The American Experience- City of the Century, the PBS special, WGN-TV & Radio, WLUP-FM- the Kevin Mathew's Show-live, WXRT-FM-the Terri Hemmert Show and WBEZ-FM- Morning Edition. She has appeared on television: NBC-WMAQ-The Morning Show, WTTW- Art Beat and Fox-32-Kozone. She received rave reviews for her original show The Journey of Estevanico: America’s First Black Explorer (formerly-Voices of Arizona / A Story Rarely Told). Voices was commissioned by, Arizona Theater Works, Flagstaff. These days, Amy performs and tours a variety of original shows throughout the country, including her production of All Aboard, commissioned by the Chicago Historical Society.

Math Music 1
Enhanced CD

AEP List of 2005 WinnersAssociation of
Educational Publishers
2005 Distinguished Achievement Award


“I know students will enjoy sing-a-long parts. There is a variety of music styles and the chorus is easily learned for each selection.”

- AEP Judges’ comments

Brighter Than Fireflies
A Parent's Choice Silver Honor

“Amy Lowe, multi-award winning singer, songwriter, and storyteller, delivers a bang-up fifith album for children.
An excellent choice for most libraries”

- School Library Journal, Oct. 2005

1. Measuring Length
3. Measuring Capacity (Metric)
4. Kilograms Grams & Milligrams
5. Temperature - Fahrenheit Celcius Centigrade
6. Time
7. Perimeter
8. Area = Length X Width

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"Math Through Music" making of Documentary

1. Shiny Blue Eyes
2. New Shoes
3. Miles-BeBoppin Hoppin
4. Chocolate Is Good
5. If I Were A Bird
6. Body Parts
7. Sloth
8. Two Of A Kind
9. Ghost
10. Planets
11. When I Grow Up

Enhanced CD
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Math Music 2
Enhanced CD

I Like Gum
A Parent's Choice Silver Honor

1. Long Division
2. Addition Words
3. Circumference
4. Slope
5. Angles
6. Strategies For Solving Problems
7. Subtraction Words
8. Greater Than, Less Than
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1. Wake Up
2. I Like Gum
3. There Is Music All Around Us
4. Inside/Outside
5. Intro to Gordon's Gracious Giggle
6. Gordon's Gracious Giggle
7. Chicago, Chicago Is My Home
8. Boy, Was I Surprised
9. No Pockets
10. Global Family
11. Sticky Glue
12. Grandma's Farm
13. Lickety Split
14. Haunted House
15. Are You Afraid of Monsters

Family Fun Magazine:
"Simple pleasures can be pleasant indeed, as exemplified in this sweet, unassuming acoustic album (I Like Gum) from Chicago singer-songwriter Amy Lowe."

Enhanced CD
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UPC: 617311501029
ISBN: 1-893967-10-7

"Amy Lowe's Math Music has been a wonderful addition to my sixith grade math classes! It is amazing how quickly the children pick up and retain basic math terms and concepts such as area, perimeter and metric measurements. I can really see multiple intellegence at work!
Amy is not only a creative musician but also a skilled poet. She has the unique ability to encapsol a math concept into rythmic verse, put it to a snappy tune, to which children joyfully sing along. Amy Lowe is the Pied Piper of Math."

Mrs. Dolores Burdick
Sixth Grade Math
Eugene Field Elementary School

Fire In Boomtown
A Parent's Choice Gold Award
AEP Distinguised Achievement

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