Cool Apocalypse DVD

Cool Apocalypse

EEG 6801

Format: DVD

B&W / Color

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Featuring: Chelsea David, Nina Ganet, Adam Overberg and Kevin Wehby

Director: Michael Glover Smith

Written: Michael Glover Smith

Produced: Clare Kosinski

Year: 2015

Language: English

Length: 73 minutes

UPC: 617311680199

Available: Aug 30, 2016

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Cool Apocalypse made its International Premiere at the Lumiere 6th CinemAvvenire Film Festival in Rome, Italy in 2016.


Cool Apocalypse

A tale of modern love in the vein of Richard Linklater and Eric Rohmer: the plot intertwines the stories of two very different relationships – one of which is about to begin and the other of which has just ended. The lives of the four principal characters, all recent college graduates in their early-to-mid-20s, intersect over a period of 24 hours. Through the interactions of these creative and soulful young people — an aspiring novelist, a feminist blogger and a pair of video journalists — viewers become privy to provocative and playful insights into how men and women relate to each other at different stages of a relationship.

Director’s Statement:

My goal in making Cool Apocalypse was to tell a simple story about people and relationships. I specifically wanted to collaborate more closely with actors than I ever had before — and I’m very proud of my lead performers, Nina, Chelsea, Adam and Kevin, for working so hard at mining each and every scene for psychological and emotional truth. I hope that everyone who sees the end result finds it relatable on a human scale. I also wanted to make a true “Chicago movie” — one that captures the unique rhythms of life in my hometown, by showing how some of its inhabitants live, work and play over the course of a single day.

Special Features:

Offical Trailer

A look behind the scenes by Emmy-winning filmaker Pierre Katter

Audio commentary by director Michael Glover Smith


Best Dramatic Feature
2015 Illinois International Film Festival

Best Director Michael Glover Smith
2015 South Carolina Cultural Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature
2015 Full Bloom Film Festival



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