Dennis (Jordon Hodges) thinks the cheap engagement ring he bought for his fiancé Melissa (Susan Redman) may have triggered her to leave him and get engaged to another man.

Three months later, as Dennis still searches for a better ring, he learns Melissa has died. To get the closure he needs, Dennis concocts a plan to dig her up and compare rings to ultimately learn how much love costs.

Upon hitting the cemetery, Dennis crosses paths with two grave robbers (Jeremy Woods, Scott Sawa) and convinces them to do it for him. What follows is an emotional downward spiral made up of wet cigarettes and hallucinations.

A Film by Ken Cohen

FEATURING: Jordon Hodges, Jeremy Woods, Scott Sawa, Susan Redman
with Michael Vines, Zach Murray, Torey Adkins, Brian J. Lowry and Heather Mingo
MUSIC BY Fields Of Industry, Asia and the Flavors, The Jarts and Matt Bezdek
Written, Edited, Produced and Directed by Ken Cohen
© 2009 Soft Blanket Productions

English Language / Color / Widescreen Screen
Not Rated / Some Adult Language / 82 Minutes / Region 0

Special Features:
· Behind The Scenes
· Theatrical Trailer
· Original Short Subject

Available July 7, 2009

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UPC: 6-17311-67489-1
ISBN: 1-893967-48-4



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