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"Heart & Soil is a gently told, ever-green film"
-Al Gore

Heart & Soil is a lively and charming family documentary that clips along to the pace of barefoot children and happy livestock. Charismatic characters engage the audience while inspiring the audience to dig and grow their own food or support the efforts of those that do. Shown in theaters and at festivals coast to coast Heart & Soil remains widely popular for home viewing as well as in classroom settings and for community events.

BEST FEATURE 2008 Colorado Environmental Film Festival.Heart & Soil exemplifies our mission as a thought-provoking film to raise awareness for interconnected ecological, social and economic themes. The film is as entertaining as it is immensely educational. It is a perfect example of the power of film to inspire audiences into awareness and action.” - Kate Gardener, Festival Coordinator.

BEST OF TOP 10 PICKS 2007 Santa Fe Film Festival.Heart & Soil lives up to it’s name by drawing the audience into the context of time and place, as it covers topics ranging from soil science, husbandry and local and global climate to finance, education, nutrition yet also touches on the dark side of agriculture. “ Kate Lancaster, Santafean.

Heart & Soil will be seen in turns as charming, devastating, hopeful, historical and most of all inspiring. This film should be required viewing in every American classroom.” - Deborah Madison, author Random House.

“Heart & Soil brings the connection of delicious food, healthy soil, healthy children and a healthy planet not only to our places but to a feast for our eyes.” - Chef Ann Cooper, The Lunch Lady, author of Lunch Lessons.

2008 MOONDANCE – Calypso Environmental Spirit Award!




Color / Full Screen / 45 Mins
Subject Matter – Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology, Stewardship, Local Farming, Gardening,
Social Science, Compassion for animals, Farm to School, Farmer’s markets,
Community Supported Agriculture, Food safety, Nutrition for healthy communities,
Community wellness, Edible communities, Organics, Environmental.

Street Date: January 10, 2012

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