Mitchell Reese

Storyteller and classically trained musician Mitchell Reese travels the world to share stories with all sorts of people.

"Storytelling is an art experiencing a renaissance all over the world. Here in Australia, stories have been handed down for generations amongst the Aboriginal tribes. Once accepted as a way of life, we're slowly relearning the importance storytelling once had. My own journey as a storyteller has taken me to many places. From quiet campfire glows to bustling festivals, from dancing along moonlit beaches to watching the city's nighttime splendor unfold. Often I wonder if the journey is more important than the end." - Mitchell Reese

The Dancing Seagull
Tales for the Young at Heart

The stories here come from flashes of insirations; some collected, others springing up insides. Told with laughter and love, all are spontaneous tellings as close as possible to a live performance. May you find in them as much inspiration as I have with the telling. Who knows, if we look deep enough, we may find that stories are more a part of our lives than ever we dreamed...the magic never dies!

1. Fianna the Dalmatian (10:06)
2. Godsparkle (2:58)
3. Corroboree of the Firespirits (8:05)
4. The Dancing Seagull (15:54)
5. Flute Medley (4:10)

Dedicated to storytellers everywhere! And to Fianna, who can howl...
Compact Disc
UPC: 6-17311-5011-2-8
ISBN: 1-893967-13-1

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