Congenital heart disease is America's number 1 birth defect. The Children's Heart Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation created in 1996 to support research toward discovering the causes and improving methods for diagnosing, treating and preventing congenital heart defects. CHF has granted over $1,000,000 to the most promising clinical and basic science research.

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Music for the Heart

An original children's music CD benefiting the Children's Heart Foundation, that is sure to entertain and educate children of all ages.

Among the award winning songwriters, performers, and educators donating their talents to create this unique collection are:

Arlo & Anna, Jenny Armstrong, Robin Bell, Meredith Colby, Ralph Covert, Crazy Curt & the Fireballs, Joe Dilillo, Melanie Dix, Dave Fletcher, Mark Greenberg, Steve & Amy Grissette, Joan Hammel, Becca Kaufman, Rob Kolson, Tom Krol, Lil' T-Bone, Amy Lowe, Kate Milan, Kathie Mills, Libby Mollman, Wendy Morgan, Dave Nuccio, Suzanne Palmer, Chris Papa, Brenda Peters, Derrick Procell, Stephanie Rogers, Tony Rogers, Dave Rudolf, Peter Saxe, Peter Schroeder, Marshall Titus, John Upchurch, JD Walker and Chuck Webb.

1. Bounce (Dave Rudolf)
2. When Cows Get Up (Traditional)
3. Verbs (Webb)
4. Becoming Friends (Procell/Colby)
5. Morning Song (Morgan/Krol)
6. A World of Critters (Dix/Saxe)
7. Line Leader (Fletcher)
8. Building a Global Family (Lowe)
9. Love That You're Different (Dilillo/Kaufman/Nuccio)
10. Piggy Back Ride (Upchurch)
11. To Be Or Not To Be (Bell/Peters)
12. Open the Door (Webb)
13. Making Resolutions (Leach/Belyaev)

14. The More You Learn, The More You Grow (Procell/Colby)
15. Charlie's Lullaby (S. Rogers)
16. First We Crawl (Schroeder)
17. Mine, Mine, Mine (T. Rogers)
18. Stop the Tears (Titus/Schmidt)
19. Love Prevails (Hammel/Bartels)
20. Can't Stop the Summer Sun (O'Keefe)
21. Oochie Coochie Fling (Eisenberg)
22. Music For The Heart (Mills)
23. Fools Will Try (Covert)


Compact Disc

UPC: 6-17311-5018-2-1

ISBN: 1-893967-18-2


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