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Two For The Show

Two For The Show (DVD/CD)


“Sincere & emotional drama, hits you right in the heart!” – Neal Damiano, Top 10 Films

A one-night stand gone wrong at a High School reunion, when a man comes into town to see his dying father for the last time and encounters an abused woman.

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Best Romantic Drama-Mini Feature-Bare Bones Film Festival-2018
Best Lead Actor (Male)-Mini Feature-Michael McCallum-Bare Bones Film Festival-2018
3rd Place Best Movie Soundtrack-Bare Bones Film Festival-2018
Honorable Mention for Best Noir Film-Lionshead Film Festival-2017
Best Short Film-Oregon Film Awards-2016
Best Short Film-Los Angeles Urban Film Festival-2016
Best Short Form Directing-Michael McCallum-Colorado International Film Festival-2016
Honorable Mention for Best Drama-The Indie Gathering-2016
Aloha Accolade Award-Honolulu Film Awards-2016
Best Feature Drama-DIY Film Festival-2016



Buffalo (DVD)


"William C. McCallum's role is reminiscent of Robert Duvall's work in its simplicity and honesty."- Los Angeles DIY Film Festival

Buffalo stars William McCallum in a powerful role as "Roger", a lonely cab driver who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is shaken by the sudden death of his ex-wife, and steals a cab from his job and sets out to find the son he hasn't seen in more than thirty years.


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Best Narrative Feature-Hobnobben Film Festival-2017
Jury Award for Best Feature-Red Corner Film Festival-2017
Special Mention for Best Feature-I Filmmaker International Film Festival-2016
Best Score-The European Independent Film Award-2016
International Gold Award for Best Music-International Film Competition Festival-2016
International Gold Award for Best Story-International Film Competition Festival-2016
International Silver Award for Best Feature Narrative Film Directing-Michael McCallum-International Film Competition Festival-2016
Best Sound-Ramanus Atelier International Film Festival-2016
Best Country Award (USA)-CreaActive International Open Film Festival-2016
Best Dramatic Feature-Singapore World International Film Festival-2016
Best Actor-William C. McCallum-i Holly: The Next Generation Indie Film Festival-2016
Best Actor-William C. McCallum-Wolves Independent International Film Awards-2016
Gold Award for Best Feature Film-Oregon Film Awards-2015
Gold Best Feature Film-Global Independent Film Festival-2015
Gold Best Supporting Actress-Barb Dalman-Global independent Film Festival-2015
Silver Best Screenplay-Michael McCallum & William C. McCallum-Global Independent Film Festival-2015
Silver Humanitarian Award-Global Independent Film Festival-2015
Silver Independent Spirit Award-Global Independent Film Festival-2015
4th Best Drama Feature-The Indie Gathering-2015
Best Narrative Feature-The Eclipse Awards-2015
Best Feature Drama-DIY Film Festival-2015
Best Country Song- "Sugar High"-Jen Sygit-Garden State Film Festival-2013



Lucky (DVD)


Moving from relationship to relationship over the past four years, Henry struggles to meet the right woman for him. He's tried to make it work with them all: the jealous one, the young one, the sensitive one and the crazy one.

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Best Score-Sunset International Film Festival Los Angeles-2012
Award-Winning Film That Makes Us Laugh-Official Best Of Fest-2012
Award-Winning Film About Romance-Official Best Of Fest-2012
Platinum Award for Narrative Feature-Oregon Film Awards-2011
Best Soundtrack-Maverick Movie Awards-2011
Film Editing Award-Colorado Film Awards-2011
1st Place Drama/Comedy-The Indie Gathering-2011
Award Of Merit for Best Feature -The Accolade Competition-2011
Best Supporting Actress-Grace Anne Rowan-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2011



Handlebar (Download)


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Best Michigan Feature-Ferndale Film Festival-2010
2nd Best Comedy Feature-The Indie Gathering-2010
Award of Merit-The Indie Fest-2010
Honorable Mention for Best Feature-Film-A-Thon-2010
Wurst Trailer-The Texandance International Film Festival-2010
*(The Wurst Trailer and Wurst Film are films that deserve special recognition because of their incredible ability to hold our attention.)



Fairview St (Download)


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Best Film Award-Swan Film Festival-2011

Original Screenwriting Award-Swan Film Festival-2011

Outstanding Film and Director-The Silent River Film Festival-2011

Best Director-Michael McCallum-The Silent River Film Festival-2011

Best Actress-Elizabeth Moore-The Silent River Film Festival-2011

Best Actor-Michael McCallum-The Silent River Film Festival-2011

Feature Film of the Year 2010-The Stepping Stone International Film Festival-2010

Best Director-Michael McCallum-Bare Bones Film Festival-2010

Best Screenplay-Michael McCallum-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2010

Best Soundtrack-Beloit International Film Festival-2010

2nd Best Feature Drama/Crime-The Indie Gathering-2009

Award of Merit for Best Feature Film-The Indie Fest-2009

Honorable Mention for Best Feature-Film-A-Thon-2009

Best Feature-Drama-The Dark River Film Festival-2009

Best Feature Film-The John Allen Award-Muskegon Film Festival-2009

Short Films

Reverb (In post production)
Breaking Wheel (on the festival circuit)
Deadbolt (on the festival circuit)
Foreword (on the festival circuit)
Confidence Of a Tall Man (on the festival circuit)
Two For the Show (on the festival circuit)
Eskimo Brothers (on the festival circuit)
Wake (on the festival circuit)
Deep In the Heart Of Texting (on the festival circuit)
Shotgun Wedding (on the festival circuit)
Take A Penny
Sure Thing
Small Town Fireworks
Memento Mori
Slow Burn
Waiter From Hell9


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