Chicago's most notorious party band, lead by former MINISTRY (1989-92) member Joe Kelly on guitar and vocals, Herb Rosen (from modern rock band RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED) on bass, Leanne Murray on drums, Earl Letiecq (from punk band THE EFFIGIES) on guitar, and Mike O'Connell on vocals, packages a complete party full of great music and humor. You just bring the beer!

Can't Say No!

THE BEER NUTS debuts with a CD that captures all the energy and mayhem of their live shows. Featuring 11 of their most requested tunes including the crowd favorites "Woke Up Tied Up", "Thirteen", "Keg Party 1" and "Keg Party 2".

Parental Advisory

1. intro
2. who's got the yea-yo
3. blow me for beer
4. thirteen
5. woke up tied up
6. pro-vag
7. shestalker
8. keg party #1
9. keg party #2
10. where eagles dare
11. liquid lunch
12. saucy jack


UPC: 6-17311-6001-2-8

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