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Our music teaches and entertains with lyrics, melodies and humor that kids enjoy, in a context that is modern and musically diverse - rock, blues, folk, country, a smattering of jazz and, as you'll hear, even a rap song! Above all, the music appeals to both children and their parents.


Hold on your hats! This music is real rock and roll that the whole family will enjoy! Crazy Curt & The Fireballs write music that is honest, respectful and get-down-in-the-mud fun! With their third release "Friends", Curt and company continues their tradition in building a musical bridge between children and adults.

Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice 2001
"Youthful, original rock 'n roll songs with a taste of the 1960s and '70s, a well-crafted beat and soulful messages..."

School Library Journal, February 2001
"The aural quality and musicianship are excellent. This album admirably meets its objective of creating a musical bridge between children and parents."

Jan Sabin, 2000 Illinois Golden Apple Award Finalist
"The Songs have such good melodies and they are filled with humor that is understandable to children...I am also impressed with the messages presented in the songs."

Song list:
1. Sunshine Intro
2. Something To Tell
3. The Oochie Coochie Fling
4. Friends
5. Primary Colors
6. Tomorrow
7. Proud As I Can Be
8. Musicman Boogie
9. Day After Day
10. Let's Get Together
11. Sunshine

UPC: 6-17311-5012-2-7
A 2001 Parents' Choice Silver Honor!

Song list:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Silly Words
In The Dark At Night
Brand New Day
The (Not So Hokey) Hokey Pokey
This Old Man
Mother Goose Rap
Ecology Song
Play Together.


UPC: 7-43316-1235-2-9
Classic follow up to the Original Hit!

Kids Go Crazy

Song list:
Beethoven's Bathtub Blues
To Our Parent's Parent's Parent's
Don't Bite Your Mommy
Chocolate Milk
Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
Five Little Monkey's
Six Little Ducks
One, Two Buckle My Shoe
Baby Nigh' Nigh
Golden Slumbers/Beautiful


UPC: 7-43316-1234-2-0
Top Selling Original Release!

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Crazy Curt & The Fireballs
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